Alter Festival

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Illinx is a trio consisting of Anna Sophie Mæhl, Laura Marie Madsen, and Amanda Appel, who despite their diverse musical backgrounds and practices have found each other in musical unity. They seek to create sonic enchantments through intricate and composite choir pieces, gathering influence from medieval music traditions, contemporary classic composition, and the vocal presence of the great divas of the aughts. On stage ilinx creates an intimate space with an almost spiritual quality. Through a curious exploration of the voice as a storyteller as well as the primary material, the three singers merge into a symbiosis of equal parts roughness and refinement, strength, and fragility. The trio’s attitude to music as enchantment will serve as the grounding moment of this festival. They will perform a specially designed ceremony for the opening of this year of Alter festival. Alrun Jo will design and adorn them for this event. Alrun is a visual artist, photographer, designer, and performer known for their skilled and creative use of FX makeup techniques and alternative materials.