Alter Festival


caroline is an eight piece, based in London. Started by Jasper Llewellyn, Mike O’Malley, Casper Hughes in early 2017,
caroline initially evolved out of weekly improvisation
sessions. Bringing together shared influences of playing,
midwestern ‘emo’ guitar music, Appalachian folk,
minimalist classical and various forms of dance music. caroline now
includes Oliver Hamilton (violin), Magdalena McLean
(violin), Freddy Wordsworth (trumpet, bass), Alex
McKenzie (clarinet, flute, saxophone), Hugh Aynsley
(drums, percussion), alongside the three original members.
With a mix of folk element and guitar-driven downer.
the group present extended compositions, charged with a
sort of collaborative soothing sadness, reminiscent of
comfortably dreary afternoons spent in the company of friends.