Alter Festival


Peter Scherrebeck, also known as Misty Superdeluxe, is a choreographer and performer, based in Denmark and the Netherlands. At the core of their artistic practice lies the physical body, serving as the foundational element. From this point of departure comes stage productions, video works, and installations that delve into the untapped possibilities of movement that reside within the interstices of existence. This merger of diverse mediums like video, ceramics, and textiles with corporeal form, allows bodies to harmonize within the dimensions of time and space. One of the key themes in Peter’s choreographic work is the examination of the relationships between the individual and collective body, as well as between subjects, objects, and the outcomes they produce. Their artistic practice is situated within para-ontological realms, where ethereal matter holds significance and where fiction intersects with hyperreality. During Peter’s time studying choreography at Amsterdam University of the Arts, they undertook an internship with a clairvoyant medium, which sparked their interest in channeling. They began embodying characters and “para-queer” beings from different temporalities. Since then, Peter has been dedicated to creating choreographic structures that encapsulate personal and collective memories, along with their residual effects. Their praxis intertwines the intimate with the political, and the body itself becomes a choreographic vessel for their artistic expression.