Alter Festival



JRPJEJ is a post-traditional Circassian music group from Nalchik, North Caucasus. It’s not a band, but rather a musical community with an impermanent line-up. Jrpjej perform traditional music and try to find their own way to sound in the limits of canon. With the use of solely traditional acoustic instruments (shichepshin, apapshin, percussion, accordion) they create a dense and deep sound more typical of metal or experimental electronic. Since 2021 Jrpjej have been actively performing in Europe at festivals and venues such as Unsound (Poland), Le Guess Who?, Worm and OCCI (Netherlands). In addition to 5 albums on Ored Recordings, the band has recorded collaborations with English electro-post-trad-folk duo Stick In The Wheel, American-Georgian electronic musician and ethnographer Ben Wheeler and worked with French documentary filmmaker Vincent Moon.

For the European tour 2024 Jrpjej have put together a new program and a new line-up of Circassians living in Nalchik, Ankara and Düsseldorf. In addition, French improvisational violinist Frederic Jouhannet became a member of Jrpjej.