Alter Festival



Together, bysund and imeon have forged a unique collaboration that blends their distinct sonic identities. Their performance is a dance of shadows and embers, where one face merges with another, and the spirit of tender evil flits through the interplay of sound and movement. bysund is the creative identity of composer and artist Karl EZ Hansen, whose work delves into the realms of musique concrète, industrial, and noise. He produces textured soundscapes, embodying the raw, unrefined essence of experimental music. imeon, the artistic persona of Noemi Schrader, is a multifaceted composer, rapper, and performer. Her art oscillates between the grimace and the mask, cutting to the bone through rhythm and voice to reveal profound emotional truths.

In this partnership, bysund’s industrial echoes and imeon’s rhythmic intensity create a remixed symphony of transits and transformations. Their combined artistry evokes a world where moving embers cast flickering shadows, and the trickling hands of time spin chaos and harmony in indefinite union.