Alter Festival



SOL is a drone project started by artist and multi-instrumentalist Emil Brahe in 2004. Thick and sick sounds weave a distinct knitting of a weird and wonderful universe that oscillate between doomy metal and new age avantgarde. The debut album “Let There Be A Massacre” (Ván Records, 2007) received widespread acclaim for its originality and fresh take on the doom/death genres. Following the debut, SOL has since released no less than 16 albums on various international labels (e.g. Cold Spring (UK), Avantgarde Metal (IT), Weird Truth (JP), Archaic Sound (UA)). The latest album, “Promethean Sessions”, was released on I, Voidhanger Records in 2023 and revealed a new path for SOL with its monolithic approach to acoustic drone and transcendental doom. SOL’s music is an exploration of dense atmospheres through improvisation and prolonged doom/drone soundscapes.

This concert will mark the 20 years anniversary of SOL and will be performed by: Emil Brahe: Organ, Synth, Mandolin; Tor Brandt: Piano, Vocals; Andrew Dorman: Bass, Synth, Vocals; Olga Goija: Viola; Andreas Hansn: Guitar, Synth; Aske Krammer: Drums, Synth