Alter Festival



Alter presents a unique theatrical adaptation of Glenn Christian’s latest book, Kiddicraft. The plot of Kiddicraft unfolds as a monologue. The protagonist works in an after-school care center, has a son, a partner, colleagues, and dreams of escaping their job to devote themselves to a career in poetry. However, the lack of money forces the protagonist to keep working, and they describe their life, which repeats itself every single day, with cynicism, humor, and affection. The monologue becomes a relevant depiction of the welfare state’s decline, the effects of budget cuts on children and staff. It also paints a portrait of a life stuck in a cycle, where the protagonist takes their child to daycare to have time to care for other people’s children to earn money so that their own child can go to daycare. The piece offers a personal and engaging contribution to an otherwise cold and money-driven political debate.

The artistic team behind Kiddicraft has collaborated on several occasions and across various media, including performances at theaters such as Ved Sorte Hest and Huset Teater, as well as exhibitions at Den Frie Udstillingsbygning and the Museum of Contemporary Art.