Alter Festival



CS + Kreme are Conrad Standish and Sam Karmel – two Australians who record slow, hallucinatory music. Based in and around the hinterlands of Naarm/Melbourne, there was a meeting of minds at an intrepid friend’s day-party a few years back, then after one alchemic studio jam – the rest was history. 

Transcending style and space, CS + Kreme don’t follow a philosophy of making music, what they do is more fluid. Drawn like moths to the liminal state, they write slow and meditative “horizontal-music” which takes in heavy dub processing, sweeping post-punk and chamber soundscapes. In Karmel’s words, “Inherently, there are influences that come through without us even realising. It’s kind of that cliche where people put their two cents forward for what our influences are, but I don’t think we’ve set out to be like anyone or anything.”