Alter Festival


Crack Cloud is a Canadian art-punk band and mixed media collective from Vancouver, British Columbia. The collective is known for being unconventional and energetic drawing inspiration from everything from Gang of Four and Talking Heads to Fela Kuti and Malcolm X. This agglomerated style in terms of influence is reflected in their presentation, as eight-person, lost boys-like exalting performances are a stable of their shows. With their newest album Tough Baby it is clear, however, that Crack Cloud is much more than a collective it is a recovery and survival mechanism for its members and a means of processing their experiences so that they can help others tackle similar issues. They are a fierce live band-cum-high-functioning support network that deals with addiction, neglect, and bereavement.

Tough Baby contains music to think to, music with which to educate, agitate and organize. As Crack Cloud member Zach Choy says of the album: “The name Tough Baby is an allusion to our planet. To our Culture. And to our Selves.” It’s made to remind us that whilst we are all in the gutter to some extent, some of us are looking at the kerb.