Alter Festival



For years, artists Maurice Louca and Abdullah Miniawy have shared admiration for each other’s work, often crossing paths in Cairo and collaborating on stage. A significant moment occurred in early 2021 during the Covid pandemic when Miniawy traveled from Paris to Berlin. A snowstorm confined them indoors, leading to an inspiring session of creating new music. Now, in the final stages of crafting their debut record. Themes of nudity, sexuality, longing, missing, and letting go resonate through their collaboration. Miniawy moves away from the classic form of his Arabic lyrics and adopts the Egyptian dialect for the first time, which complements Louca’s musical variations.

Maurice Louca is one of the most interesting figures in the flourishing Egyptian experimental scene, known for inventive, self-made compositive devices that integrate bits of pieces from modern instruments with traditional music instruments
Abdullah Miniawy is an Egyptian expressionist, writer, singer, composer, and actor. A true interdisciplinary he has a broad resume. He is known for his exalting voice work.