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Nourished By Time, the Baltimore-based songwriter and producer, presents a distinctive fusion of New Wave, R&B, and Dance, delving into themes of existentialism, love, consumerism, and the dynamics of labor. Originally conceived in Los Angeles in late 2019, amidst the artist’s residence in Koreatown, the project underwent a transformative journey over two tumultuous years marked by setbacks and creative discord with a former collaborator. Departing abruptly from LA, the impulsive artist embarked on a solitary cross-country journey back to his roots in Baltimore, where he navigated through odd jobs, emotional upheavals, and fervent songwriting under the moniker Nourished By Time.

Renowned for his ability to evoke profound emotions and transform limitations into strengths, Nourished By Time stands as a beacon of innovation in contemporary music, drawing comparisons to luminaries like Arthur Russell and Daft Punk while carving out a distinct artistic identity that resonates deeply with listeners worldwide.