Alter Festival


Fracturing their way out of the snoozy 4/4 paradigm to flourish in the all-engulfing rave hyperspace, Lyra Valenza craft vibrant tapestries of playful electronic sounds that resonate deeply within ever-shifting webs of hybridized jungle, footwork extravagance, high-velocity hardcore, and crystalline, futuristic atmospherics. Behind the Latin-moniker Lyra Valenza is Jens Konrad and Hjalte, the duo based in Copenhagen, steer the ship of Petrola 80—a sanctuary for interdimensional travelers. In 2017, they released their debut album, “Synkronudspring I Tomt Bassin” (Synchronized Dive into an Empty Pool), on their own record label. They further explored trance-inspired terrain with their notable follow-up, “Scan, Deliver,” released in 2018 on Opal Tapes, Stephen Bishop’s daring imprint. Continuously blurring the lines betwixt dance and jungle motifs and altered FX soundscapes, Lyra Valenza’s trouble-brewing, sample-heavy mashups have found an even brighter echo in their smashing live performances, allowing the duo to fully expand the textural and rhythmic wealth of their studio experimentations into the world of flesh and bone interaction.