Alter Festival

Loraine James, also known as Whatever the Weather, is a British electronic producer and musician, known for her restless and glitched out sound. She started on the piano as a teenager, frequenting emo, pop and math rock shows before teaching herself electronic music production with a MIDI keyboard and a laptop. In her low-key home studio, James channeled her wide range of interests into a personal sound that in time evolved into an identifiable signature. That signature began to emerge on 2017’s “Detail”, and James refined it over a run of releases that netted global acclaim, subtly hybridizing R&B, drill, pop and IDM forms. Most recently she has explored another path entirely, adopting the moniker Whatever The Weather for her math rock and ambient music-inspired Ghostly International debut. Constantly shifting, James is an unpredictable force whose experimental approach is struck through with vulnerability, curiosity and hope.