Alter Festival

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Despite working with multiple aspects of music, sound research, composition and installation art, the signature sound and consistency of Kh Marie (Marie Højlund) is always recognisable. She is known from Tiger Tunes, Marybell Katastrophy, Nephew and the sound artist duo The Overheard with Morten Riis. Recently working the outskirts of pop, ambient, experimental and elaborate mixture of electronic and acoustic instrumentation on the album “intet er nok” (2020) and accompanying EP (released on Escho), Marie is now surpassing boundaries of her own sound in a collaboration with Aarhus based noise artrockers, HIRAKI. Their first melt-together was the remake of Hirakis “Wonderhunt” from their sophomore album, “Stumbling Through The Walls” (2022). Now this collective hive mind of beautiful and brutal art and music, will perform live for one night only at the Alter festival 2022. The contrasting architecture of the old hospital will lead an interaction between harsh, brutal orchestral sounds and fragile, acoustic choir parts performed together with singers from the Aarhus Theatre Choir.