Alter Festival


Frode Veddinge is a Danish singer-songwriter and folk musician. After a military stint in the late 1950’s, Frode traveled to Spain in the early 1960s where he met several well-known figures in the new folk music scene, including Julie Felix. Returning to Denmark, inspired by novel folk movement, he decided to undergo training with a traditional Danish “visesanger”, or “Folk ballad singer”. Frode Veddinge has since become one of the main figures of the mostly unseen traditional folk scene of Denmark. With his reinterpretations of old Nordic ballads and folkloric hymns, he has provided a glimpse into a chimerical past quite different than the solemn psalm’s of the national church that are more familiar to most Danes. He has lend his deep voice and dexterous guitar-work to many adventures and we are beyond exited to hear him sing tales for this year of Alter.