Alter Festival


Anders Morre is a musician & multimedia artist working in the field between video, sculpture & sound. His previous work have been part of CPH:DOX, KØS Museum For Public Art, Overgaden, SPOT & Roskilde Festival. For Alter Festival 2023 Anders Morre will be joined by Danish producer and sound artist Nanna Schannong for a site-specific sound-installation in the old scooter shop in Klostergade.

The installation revolves around classical guitar improvisations that have been skillfully recorded within the various rooms of the repurposed scooter shop, allowing the integration of natural reverberations and industrial sounds emanating from vents, machines, and elevators, among others. Through the piece the two artists seek to create a chant of loops & choruses bringing the abandoned workshop back to life, reawakening it as vessel profound auditory experience.